Planning and Engineering

We make a survey and a plan for how you can improve the safety of your facility. 

A complete overview of the plan and our engineering is depicted in detailed drawings.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery of all material for a complete Safe way guiding system (SWGS).

The installation is performed by our professional and experienced staff.

Service agreement

After the installation we offer regular inspections of your facility to make sure everything is in order and functioning perfectly. 



Our vision is to provide the optimal safety systems in case of emergency situations which require evacuation.

We have continually developed our concept and our products since 1988. This way we have gained a world leading expertise, and we are proud to offer the best solutions available on the market today.


We base our Safe Way Guiding Systems (SWGS) on afterglowing products. Under optimal conditions, our products never wear out. Even under extreme conditions and on outdoors offshore installations, our exit signs have a guaranteed lifespan of 5 years.

This is the only product group available which is guaranteed to function when your life may depend on it.


Activated by a sufficient amount of light exposure, our SWGS will always function, even in worst case scenarios like blackouts in combination with smoky conditions.

We take care of everything to ensure the safety of your facilities. This includes detailed planning, engineering and installation of our Safe Way Guiding Systems.


Our 30 years of experience guarantee you

the highest degree of safety.



Lunsemfwa Power Plant


Safe Way Guiding Systems was installed by Exit Solutions in Mulungushi and Lunsemfwa power plants in 2018​

"Exit routes are critical to work safety. Compliant safe exits can save lives and prevent serious  injuries during emergencies. OSHA 1910.36 sets forth standards which so far no other than Exit Solutions provides."

-Brenda Luatula, Health Safety & Environment Officer, Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company

Video from Dalvik Sub Station

Dalvik Sub Station


In this video we are exiting Dalvik Sub Station in the dark. With our Safe Way Guiding System it is easy to find your way to safety.


Oslo Airport, OSL


Exit Solutions installed a Safe Way Guiding System at Oslo Airport 20 years ago. It still functions perfectly, just as new.

Rockefeller Center

New York, USA

Exit Solutions produced and delivered Braille signs and stair markings for all stairwells in Rockefeller Center.

Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital

Oslo, Norway

A typical technical room with one exit only in Lovisenberg Diakonnale Hospital. 


Note the importance of obstacle markings.

Karahnjukar Power Plant


Engineering and design, delivery and installation of Safe Way Guiding Systems (SWGS) for Karahnjukar Power Plant was performed by Exit Solutions in 2008

MetLife Building

New York

Production and delivery of stair markings and signs for all stairwells by Exit Solutions.

Kafue Gorge Power Plant


Complete SWGS installed in 2003 by Exit Solutions.

Irafoss Power Plant


Our Safe Way Guiding System (SWGS) was designed and installed at Irafoss Power Plant in 2005.

Hydro Power Plant

Rrjukan, Norway

Design and installation of a SWGS in all power plants in the Rjukan area started in 1994.




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